Whether or not you are manufacturing a tangible or intangible product or offering a service, you have to at some point showcase your products to people. Many people showcase their products through brochures, pictures or by just presenting the physical product itself. However in the 21st century a common way of showcasing a businesses product/ service is through a website. This works out as it makes information about your product readily available. People loose brochures and business cards all the time, but with an online presence people can always make reference to your products/ service with a click. So the question now is, where do you start online, the internet is a very big informational database?

Where to start?

The best place to start, if you haven’t already guessed it is social media. Social media is a very cheap form of Marketing. It wouldn’t cost you a dime to start up a Facebook Account or Twitter Account for your product.

Here’s the thing, starting up you may feel urged to create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many social media accounts, I will advise you not to. You’ve probably heard the saying, “less is more”. Well in this case less is somewhat more, especially when running social media accounts. Its always better to start with one account and update that account very frequently. The whole point of having a social media account is to engage with your target market. If you want to be successful at this you would want to post to whatever social platform you choose very frequently. Facebook I will suggest is always a good place to start. As you go along you can then expand your social media base from one platform.

When should I social media campaign?

The moment you decide you ‘want’ to purse your idea as a business it is okay to start your social media campaign. You probably don’t want to start a media campaign when your idea is barely a notion and no step has been taken towards making it an operating business. You start your campaign at your ‘Take off point’. I use the take off point to refer to the point which you decide you want to pursue your idea.

Imagine doing long jumps, what are the steps that occur before you jump. You first gain momentum by accelerating towards a jumping board. When you arrive at the jumping board, you push hard against the ground to propel yourself into the air so you can jump as far as possible. The moment you hit that board, you are ready for a jump. So the moment you decide your idea could make a good business you are ready for that jump. You can only decide you are at this point after testing the viability of your idea through surveys, questionnaires etc

Not only does going online at this point give people an idea of what is coming, it somewhat commits you to this project. Now you’ve gone online people you know may already be excited of what you have in mind, and you may feel like you have some sort of obligation towards them to fulfill your word on your business. This then puts good pressure on you, to live up to that word.