Empowering Individuals with electricity

Pushing for adoption of more sustainable Power sources

My Power Lagos project pursuits started as a civic engagement project for my Public Discourse class at Gustavus Adolphus College. The project focuses on the lack of constant power in my city Lagos, Nigeria and how it affects the welfare of businesses. The long term plan is to potentially build a business complex built from renewable energy resources. This will very likely be  Solar Powered business disrict that will cater for Technology businesses.


The goal is to have the proposed “Solar District”, as a model city for Solar Power adoption. This city will shocase the benefits of having solar panels as a means of power for the growth of a business. This project will be beneficial to the totality of society. It will cut down production cost, particularly for manufacturing companies, thus reducing prices and increasing turnover of businesses. This project will eventual evolve into a scheme that will create numerous jobs in the city of Lagos and thus Nigeria.

According to Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Oxford University, ” Power and transportation are going to be the two most determining factors of what Africa can achieve in the next decade”.


  • Rural population with access to the government grid 10% 10%
  • Urban population with access to government grid 40% 40%
  • Amount of Power Lost in Generation 69.5% 69.5%
  • Amount of Operational budget spent on generators and diesel for companies like MTN 70% 70%

Problem Analysis