Where do I start?

You probably are thinking what to work on for this class and how to find the right thing to work on, bad news. I will address this for two types of people. The first, people who already have worked started working on something before the class and may want to go ahead with that, and the second people who just don’t know where to start.

So if you’ve worked on a small project before outside class, you probably want to go ahead in the line of that project if you feel it is something that interests you. Now what kind of project? Could be any project. This could have been something such as helping people in you town over the summer mow their lawns, or fixing phone screens for your college peers. Your idea doesn’t need to be to build a rocket that goes to the moon, it could be as simple as changing car tires, all that matters at this point is that you are interested in helping fix the problem your idea solves. Forget about money for now, at least don’t place too much emphasis at this point on making money. You love something, stay in that lane.

I have no Idea Yet though…..

Now for people who have no idea what they want to work on, good news. You have it in you, you just haven’t figured it out yet. Think of the last 5 things you helped someone do for free, think of the things you do in your free time or things that affect people in your community, then think of how you can solve this problems and if this may be in anyway commercially viable. Don’t forget your focus in Entrepreneurship at this point should be creating a product or service that people would want, don’t think about the money too much for now.

There is no right thing to work on, almost everything you think of may almost seem like too much to do. There may be already someone else doing the same thing, or there may be many reasons why you think the idea is ‘dumb’, your focus should be on whether you are interested or have skills pertaining to your business idea, and whether people are interested in your product. As long as people would use your product, no matter how dumb it sounds, it is worth working on. According to the Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, when he had the idea of Alipay many people told him it was a ‘stupid’ idea, today Alipay has over 800 million users.

In summary, don’t think too far your idea could be right in from of you, good at arts & crafts, how about making kites; Minnesota has a lot of wind for people to fly kites. Your business idea can be very simple. Remember there is no right or wrong idea, or right or wrong approach. Start where you are passionate and skillful, then move on in your though process.