You don’t want to put in all these effort and miss out on good opportunities to network, raise money and get feedback on your business. Apply to the Gustavus Entrepreneur Cup, even if you think your idea is stupid. This may help you gain more exposure on your potential business and learn ways to improve your pitch. Your pitch matters a lot. I have had to give the pitch of Venew almost every day since I started the platform. The reason the Gustie Cup was a good opportunity for me was for the fact that it pushed me. Competition will push you to work harder and learn grow to make yourself stand-out, and this is very important for you moving forward.

Three people can have the same exact thing in their hands but one may be more successful at convincing others why what they have is better because of the pitch. This is a very good video for you below to watch. Your pitch is not just for the Gustavus Entrepreneur Cup or any competition it would help you when interacting with people. The better your pitch sounds the more seriously people would take you.

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