Before thinking of team members, first get a piece of paper, and write down all the goals you would want to achieve this semester with your project. Those goals do not have to be highly definitive or in depth (5 bullet points does the trick), they should just give you a quick idea of what you need to do in the next 4 months of your class. When you have that jotted down, then decide what kind of help you may need during the semester or in the future, then we go back to my Arts & Craft example.

Jane is a Physics Major who plans on making kites for young children and adolescents. Jane doesn’t just want to create regular shaped kites, she wants kites to be made of different animals. She want to use her kites as a way of encouraging people to be more conscious of different animals in their environment. Her main goal this semester is to get sketches of the different animals that she would carve her kites into. Perhaps she may want to work with an Art major, or someone who is interested in creating new designs. That way her knowledge of Physics and how things fly may be complemented with someone else’s skills in Art, to help gain sketches and dimensions of the kites she plans on making.

Who should I work With?

So now unlike Jane, you may not necessarily need someone with a new skills set for your project, and that is also fine. There is no rubric to choosing anyone to work with, there is only one thing to ensure. Does the person believe your idea is a good and viable idea, if no perhaps you should look into other people joining your team. You are in the early stages of your project, your goal is to build at this point so you want to work with people with a similar passion to build as it is very easy to get discouraged by your project in the early phases, just try and work with people who equally believe in what you’re working on.

And to people who may not feel comfortable with any of the ideas they came up with and want to work with others, try and pick a project you think you will be passionate in helping in a project that aligns with your skills set. Your skills set & interests doesn’t have to relate to your major. I am a Finance Major, but I am very interested in web-design.