What are a few things every business has in common?? They obviously have a name, most likely have a logo and probably a ‘gimmick’ formally referred to as a slogan. For starters, all you need really is a name. The moment you start pitching to other people, you will need a logo and a slogan.

A name is for the ears and a logo is for the eyes. The name and logo of a business are probably the most important branding material for the business, a good name will not make a business but a bad name could break a business. You want your name to be as appealing as possible because that creates the first impression of the business. Just imagine someone in your family was supposed to have a brain surgery, and there are two clinics you have to pick from, one is named John’s Family Hospital, while the other is named Ecstacy Grindz Hospital. Well, I don’t need to ask but I can tell you probably would be very skeptical about entrusting your the medical welfare of someone in your family at Ecstacy Grindz. Though this is an extreme example it hopefully passes the message across well. There are no strict rules of naming a business, you just have to be mindful of who you are marketing to and what industry you are in.

I named my startup Venew, because it was a name I thought was exciting and appropriate for the purpose of the app. When you think of people looking for events, you think of people looking for the place/ venue they will like to spend time. Now I could have gone with the name “Venue”, but Venue is too generic, it is just another word in the English dictionary. A useful thing to do is to examine the etymology for very popular/ successful companies in your industry. For example, for Venew I looked at several apps such as:

  1. Instagram – Insta stands for instant and gram represents something written, recorded or sent in you think of its use in the word telegram. So an Instant send/share of user-generated content was the resulting derivation.
  2. Facebook–  the name makes you think of a book with many faces; this is simply what Facebook started as, a place to view “faces” of people you knew.
  3. Snapchat- Snap for taking photos and chat for sending messages; these are the two main things you could do on their app.
  4. Canva- derived from the word canvas, which is essentially where an artist designs his/her work, given that Canva is an online platform for artists to design this makes sense.
  5. Twitter- perhaps not too much of a relation to its purpose, but a ‘tweet’ is the sound a chirping bird makes. Birds chirp to communicate, and you can blame that initial morning song on the males, who sing to announce that they are alive, alert and ready to defend their territory. So it makes sense people will tweet to communicate.

Now don’t get this twisted, there are many companies out there in the Tech Industry whose names are just nice and catchy and don’t have a pronounced affiliation with the companies purpose take for example Pandora, Spotify, Ticketmaster, Asana, Zingle, Reddit etc. But generally, these names are short, catchy and memorable. I eventually decided to go for the name “Venew”, an offshoot of the word “Venue”, same pronunciation different spelling. The reason for this, is that I wanted the name of my company to be easy and memorable, “Venue”, I, however, didn’t want to be confused with a dictionary word on search engines, the web and in writing in general, pushing me to go for the name “Venew”.

After examining some of these brands I realized there had to be a purpose for the name “Venew” and let’s not forget the logo. As I elaborated earlier, the name was derived from the word Venue, however, I had problems making a logo. The different logos were also relevant to the brands listed above. I ended up choosing an upside down mathematical compass, which then takes the form of a V. The purpose of using a compass was that compasses (non-mathematical) are used to help people find where they are going, which is essentially what the Venew App does, (helps people find the right events to go to). As with most logos, it is always advisable to make at least one mockup, and sleep on the design for a few days and working on it again. With Venew, I had 2 mockups before choosing the final logo icon.

The first was a too arithmetical, lacking any personality and wasn’t up to the standard any mobile brand logo icon should have, the dark color also didn’t help with making the logo catch the eye, so I decided I was going to work on it again and give the logo some personality.

As you can see, the second logo had too much personality and a very high saturation of green color, almost not giving the brand the level of seriousness it deserved.

Learning from the first two inadequacies of the previous logos, I decided to make a logo that was at least lateral on one axis with a variable level of lighting to bring out the icon, and a modest level of Saturation just about right to give a fun, but serious brand image.

View a brief evolution of the V below.[powr-image-slider id=ea281509_1494468396597]