I am a Finance graduate/ web designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who offers web design and web app services.

I believe in helping small businesses establish an online presence. We have reached age of informational efficiency, where most of the information relevant to us is at our disposal. With some of my past experiences I realized a lot of small businesses were being left out of this new technological eon, and were thus missing out on a lot of opportunities. My goal is to help small businesses realize their full potential by establishing their image online through websites.

My Resume


SightBag.com is a tourist website owned by Design216 in Paris France. SightBag includes information about different tourist sites in its premier city, Paris. It was for the first time at SightBag, that I was able to witness the establishment of a web-based business. Working directly under a web designer, built my interest in web design.

Experience Southwest

Experience Southwest is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization base in the Southwest of Minneapolis. As a Data Specialist I was responsible for helping the organization build a database of business, to create a Mobile App that connects people with local businesses.

It was here I realized how important it was for businesses (regardless of their size) to have a website, Only businesses with updated websites were allowed to be listed on the database. Small businesses without online credibility have limited opportunities for growth and success, this is why I believe in helping smaller businesses out.

Advanced Page Builder

Enhance your website as you wish. My job is to give you premium access to the software that could help you make changes on your website

Web Hosting

I offer premium hosting services, so you don’t have to worry about having your website unauthenticated if you miss a bill date. This also saves you a lot of time organizing and setting up a database

Low Cost

My main goal is to give business a platform they control so people can reference their info. Because I work on relatively small scale projects, I am willing to meet the demands of a business at the price they can afford

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