As for your logo, you should make a sketch for what you want. If you don’t like making sketches like me and just want to get a logo straight away,  there are a few sources to explore for depending on what you want. You can get a ready made logo or build logo from scratch

Ready Made Logos

Design Hill : It would cost you about $50 to get a ready made logo here.

40 Dollar Logo: Cost about $40

Vista Print: Cost $20

Now if you want to build your logo from scratch, which I will really encourage you to do use Logomakr. There are so so many logo making services online but LogoMakr is the best one I’ve used so far for .many reasons. Its the most customizable one that exists out there and best of all its free, but you will just have to do a lot of the work yourself but here is a quick tutorial of me creating the Venew Logo with LogoMakr.