Website, website website

We already spoke about establishing your brand on social media, however you may be interested in going one step further in building your own website. Building a website doesn’t actually need to be a hassle today, depending on what you want. I would like to classify websites into 2 to help explain better; display sites and highly functional websites.


Display Site

  • A website to simply display your products and services
  • Business that could use this include regular businesses whose main business exists offline e.g phone repair, law firm, restaurant
  • Good example of a display site is¬† for China Town restaurant
  • Usually can be ¬†down on your own through third parties such as, etc
  • Usually use templates and reduce the ability to customize site to preferences for example I can’t make a slideshow on wix because their templates don’t allow me to
  • Usually pays monthly and cost $200+ per annum

Highly Functional SItes

  • Sites that are user interactive and perform more functions beyond display
  • Companies that need highly functional sites include mainly online businesses, social platforms etc
  • Good example of a highly functional site is or
  • Usually are built by web developers/designers through more advanced web building platforms
  • Allows for unlimited customization as developers can use coding (usually in php)
  • Cost depends on developer and what you’re asking but will usually run above $1,000 (some developers may even start at $10,000+ for a site)

So does your business need a fully functional site or a display site, it all depends on what you want to do. Do you have the time to build a site or would you rather just let someone build it for you. There are also many costs involved in having a website here is a standard breakdown.


Cost Breakdown

  • Domain Name: Usually $10 per year. This would give you ownership rights of a web address for a year, you usually have to renew annually or you loose the right to that address. You can buy this on
  • Hosting: Usually costs $120 per year. This would allow you to store your information on the server of another company as you don’t own your own server (that would cost you 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars). Your hosting is where the information displayed on your web address is stored. If you’re using a web building platform like wix or squarespace you don’t have to worry about hosting. Best hosting services out there are HostGator and Bluehost (don’t let anyone convince you to use otherwise & read online reviews), you probably don’t have to worry about this if you are using a wix or squarespace
  • Web Building Services: If you’re using a web building service like wix, this is the fee you pay them monthly. If a web developer builds your site, this is the money you pay them.